St. John's Zig Zag

This is the image I see when I close my eyes and think of St. John's. I believe our colorful houses are a response to our grey winters but when the sun shines in the spring the verdant green and colorful arcitecture are stunning. The original was painted on pine board with acrylics. The limited edition is 15 x 8 while the mini is 5 1/2 x 9. There are several proof copies, some  are 12 x 23 and there are a few larger prints available as I experimented with size. The largest is 16 x 46, all proofs are $99.

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Saturday Afternoon
The original rowhouse picture. Limited Edition and Proof copies are sold out. The small open edition, 4x10, is $19.95
Norris Point
Norris Point is in beautiful Gros Morne National Park and world heritage site. The original painting was done on pine board using acrylics. It is available as an Open edition Mini,Limited edition, 20 x 9, and an artist's proof, 36 x14.
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New Originals
The Tickle
Across the tickle to Bell Island from the cove. Original acrylic on canvas, 30 inches by 48 inches
Iconic Bell Island, located in Conception Bay, is known for the rich iron ore mined until the seventies. Serviced by a ferry it is a now a bedroom community for St. John's.

Original $699
Limited Edition Print, 10 x 16, $39.95
Small Open Edition, 5x8, $19.95

All the artwork is printed using archival inks and acid free paper for lasting quality!

Shipping is $20 anywhere in Canada on canvas and frames and is free on print orders over $75

Petty Harbour.
Orignal acrylic on canvas, 24x36. Petty Harbour is a fishing village just south of St. John's.

Original, $599
Limited Edition Prints, 10x15, $39.95
Small Open Edition Prints, 6x10, $19.95

Contact me for framing options!
The Gut
Original on canvas, 16x40
Quidi Vidi "The Gut" is a fishing village within city limits.

Original $499
Limited Edition Prints, 8x20, $39.95
Small Open Edition, 4x10, $19.95

Flat Rock
Original acrylic on canvas, 24x36, $599
Limited Edition Print, 10x16, $39.95
Small Open Edition Prints, 8x10, $19.95
Custom Framing
All of my frames are handmade and unique. Contact me for ideas about color and style.

Coloring Sheets
These coloring sheets are printed on acid free paper with archival inks. They are 11x17, with lots of detail. There are four images in a pack including: two row house images, Quidi Vidi and The Outer Battery.
Rose Blanche
Located on the islands west coast, Rose Blanche is one of the prettiest towns in Newfoundland.
Limited Edition 12x14, $39.95
Open Edition 6x7, $19.95
Durrell is on the outskirts of Twillingate on Twillingate island. Limited Edition print, 20 x 9, $39.95, open edition, 5.5x10 and an artists proof size of 36x14, $99
Pouch Cove Wash day.
The first community in North America to see the sun rise.
Limited Edition, 8x14, $39.95
Open Edition, 6x10, $19.95
First Spring Ice
My interpretation of the view from Queens and Victoria Sreet. This one is all sold out except for the mini print, 6x10, $19.95

Parsons Pond
Parsons Pond is on the West Coast.
Limited Edition, 10x20, $39.95
Open Edition Mini, 5x10, $19.95

Little Harbour Spring
Little Harbour is on Twillingate Island. This is one of my favorite places in Newfoundland.
Limited Edition, 9x22, $39.95
Open Edition Mini, 4x10, $19.95
Sunset Grand Bruit
Grand Bruit is now a resettled community on the islands south coast.
Limited Edition, 10x20, $39.95
Open Edition Mini, 5x10, $19.95
Pre Dawn Grand Bruit,
Limited Edition 12x14, $39.95
Open Edition Mini, 6x8, $19.95
Conception Bay Sunset
Limited Edition, 12x16, $39.95
Open Edition Mini, 6x8, $19.95
The Outer Battery
The Outer Battery sits just under Signal Hill on the narrows entering St. John's harbour.
The Kitchen Party
This one is a bit of fun! Open Edition Print 10x12, $19.95